Library sections


Library sections

   Lending and circulation of resources:

   In this section, the library is managed as an open shelf and they select their desired document by searching in the library software (Pars Azarakhsh).
Members can use the following services by visiting the lending services continuously:
Book books on loan
· Awareness of the status of booking books
Extension of books if no reservation is made
· Know the return date of your books

Awareness of the amount of fines and late books
Medline section:

Ministry of Health University Databases These databases allow you to search and download the full text and abstracts of articles in Ministry of Health shared journals and other information needed by researchers, physicians and paramedics, including educational videos, the latest team achievements in the field of diseases. Access to these databases is possible from the digital library section of the site.

   Client section:

Includes guidance and advice for library visitors to find the desired subject in the resources available in the library, as well as assistance and guidance and training of clients in using the Internet to search for the required content by the librarian.

Study room section
The duration of the loan and the number of resources can be changed according to the conditions and at the discretion of the responsible person. The loan period of frequently referred resources or courses can be changed according to the library policy.
If there is a long delay, the person's file will be blocked for up to one month with the opinion of the person in charge, and the person will not be able to borrow any source.

If the resources have a lot of demand and the number of copies is limited, a copy of these resources will be placed in the library and can not be trusted. If a resource is reserved, it will be kept for that person for 24 hours, after which time, if there is a borrower, it will be lent.
  . Criteria for delays in book delivery

If the received resources are not returned to the library on time, 60 Tomans will be considered for each copy of the book for each day of delay. In case the book is lost, incomplete or unusable in any way, in addition to the fine, and blocking the person's file for a month, the same book must be delivered to the library, and if it is not available, the cost of the book will be charged. .

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